Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To buy, rent, borrow or beg

We're ready to shoot the pitch trailer. In fact we are more than ready: we've got the photos, mobile, chandelier, and I just bought the jewelry box. So - with shipping - we'll be ready by the weekend. The pitch trailer is necessary for more than funding, it is to see how David and I work together, how David is feeling/working behind the camera (with my content), outreach to align with non-profits, and a visual reference to get anyone involved with the project. It's a big deal and I'm super excited. While I can see the entire piece, the reality of embarking on this journey is hard for me to wrap my head around. Visiting some of the people along the way is awfully scary, but certainly not even close to where I've been before. The trial is always a good frame of reference.
The big time hold up is camera equipment. Here are my choices:
To Buy: I'll have it all the time, it will be easier to edit, I can use the camera for other projects, I can *learn* how to use the camera and I never have to ask this question again.
To Rent: There are some cheap rentals through Table members (you guys rock). I'm just afraid of missing moments. I wish I could attach a camera to my head and it would produce high quality footage. Also, if I rent for too many days, why not just buy a camera?
To Borrow: We have an insane number of friends who have cameras. It's kind of like asking to borrow their husbands, even if they are collecting dust in their closet. The cameras!
To Beg: Well I call it inquiring. Maybe someone wants to help a first timer. Maybe it can be a barter exchange. That would be nice.
A friend said I could borrow one of his but I haven't heard back from him. Is it rude to call again? I'll email, then call.
Aiming for this weekend. I'll post my very very lame vid of the twirling photos. We just wanted to see how it moved. So like this, but 1 million times better.