Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Storybook format for trailer

Because my creative eye is whimsy and it's an ironic twist on the film, I think I'll filling in the pages of this book for the trailer. I'm loving it. It's so precious and sweet and for my trailer, kind of twisted in the vein of my mixed media installation, "What's After The End". I only have slides of the installation but I'm getting them converted.

Here's the book cover---can't wait to see all of the inside pages

Oh - and yes - I will get permission!


Claudia said...

I need to read the rest of your blog because I don't really know what your are talking about (trailer?) However, I really love that cover, super cute :)

Claudia said...

ok, I get it now! I know what you are talking about! wow, it must be a big challenge to make a film like that! I'm sure that you will grow and learn so much from that experience!